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5 Brands Innovating with Content & Engagement

by Erika Vasquez

In the past year we all had the chance to explore the digital world in more depth. Contact-less is becoming our new normal, and QR Codes once again, rise to the occasion to save us from dirty surfaces. These small black and white boxes are helping us (marketers) deliver everything from menu pages, product information, and sustainability efforts to contests and a lot more. We want to highlight 5 customers who have disrupted the marketing world by delivering interesting content, through different creative channels. In no order of preference here are some favorites...

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Scanbuy Launches the First End-to-End SmartLabel® Solution - Delivering a Connected Package, Product and Menu Page Platform to Power Transparency

Scanbuy Inc., the leading provider of SmartLabel QR code package activation, today announced the expansion of its SmartLabel Platform which adds Product and Menu pages to its existing on-pack solution set. The feature-rich platform addresses the demands of SmartLabel participants, delivering a comprehensive connection that extends from page and menu creation, data management, package activation, and consumer engagement through to detailed analytics reporting. The menu page offering is the…

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Businessess Turn to QR Codes for Touchless Menus

by Christine Katsch

As businesses begin to cautiously reopen, they must rethink how to best to engage with shoppers, diners, customers, fans, guests, patients, students and even employees. These are unprecedented times that require thoughtful considerations and outside the box thinking. The restaurant industry has been incredibly impacted by this pandemic, and preparations for the new restaurant norms are already in the works, and whether it’s dining with distant tables, sneeze guards or contactless…

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Millennials Demand Transparency - Connect with QR Codes

by Annie M

Millennials spend $600 billion each year in the US alone. This number is expected to reach $1.4 trillion by the year 2020 and will account for nearly 30 percent of total retail sales. These spending habits should classify millennials as a target demographic for retail marketers. Growing up in the digital age, millennials are accustomed to having a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. As a result, they demand much more from the brands they support. While 46% of consumers admit to using…

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Reach Your Customers Through Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

by chuckennis

Data-driven marketing is a major theme and focus for an increasing number of global brands and advertisers. A quick scan of the leading digital ad agency websites either mentions “data-driven marketing”, or lead with it, on their Agency’s home page. Brands must leverage customer behavior data and analytics to drive customer acquisition, retention & growth, and this is much than just a trend, but a mandate to reach the right audience. As a data provider to these Agencies, Scanbuy…

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Fire up your Direct Mailer with Digital Technology


Are you launching a direct mail campaign? Maybe a back to school promotion or a piece for the holidays to promote your website. Did you know that millennials who cannot live without technology like to look over their mail?  That’s right, 84% of millennials take the time to look through their mail and 64% would rather scan for useful information in the mail than email. Direct mail reaches everyone, young and old… While mail has the potential to serve as an invaluable conduit to a shopping…

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by Matt P.

With so much development in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, from updated nutritional fact panel rules, an industrywide initiative to clarify the confusing “use-by” labeling, or the recently finalized national rule regarding bioengineered food disclosure – even industry veterans can be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by it all! If this sounds familiar, then you’ve come to the right place. These new laws and regulations will certainly keep your team busy…

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Technology and Social Media Trailblaze the Fashion Industry

by Annie M

Today more than ever apparel brands must think of clever ways to disrupt the retail and fashion industries. INSPR is a high-quality apparel designer focused on just that. It’s no secret retailers are struggling to attract and engage consumers in a relevant and digital way. With the use of social influencers and QR codes, INSPR has taken a fresh approach towards creating a meaningful and direct relationship with their consumers. Nowadays everyone has smartphones, and these smartphones have…

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Gladson introduces SmartLabel product data transparency solution

CompeloGladson introduces SmartLabel product data transparency solution, August 7, 2018
US-based Gladson introduced new solution, dubbed SmartLabel, to help brands and retailers address consumer demand for product transparency. As part of its approach, Gladson has partnered with Scanbuy, a provider of SmartLabel QR codes, to provide Gladson clients with access to a complete end-to-end SmartLabel solution.

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Gladson Launches Product Data Transparency Solution

Gladson’s SmartLabel® Solution Helps Brands and Retailers Address Consumer Demand for Product Transparency

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