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Scanbuy’s Data Store has officially launched!

by Chuck Ennis

Scanbuy's self-service Data Store is structured to mimic an actual brick-and-mortar supermarket, designed with CPG brands/agency marketers and data engineers in mind, seeking the highest quality CPG data. The Data Store offers more than 6,000 brand-specific audiences and 300 category-level audiences.

A few clicks can help you find, size, and refine your total audience with various demographic filters. Each audience volume comes with persistent, unique, and pseudonymized identifiers – Mobile Advertiser ID (MAID) and Hashed Email Address (HEM). These identifiers are available for internal or external identity graph use cases (DMP/DSP/CDP).

Scanbuy's Data Store key differentiators enable quality data exploration and precise CPG audience acquisition for direct license and usage.

  • 1st Party sourced data: Including mobile shopping, SDK/API/POS, individual and HH-based panels.
  • Multi-source validation signal: Several independent 1st party data sources determine shoppers' interest in selected brands.
  • Demographic overlays: A wide variety of data to refine your ideal consumer profile.
  • Multi-occurrence persistent signal: Shoppers' interests extend beyond a single purchase of a selected brand.
    • Variable lookback windows (one month, two months, or more)

Scanbuy's IAB-compliant data taxonomy powers the CPG Data Store, enabling efficient search, discovery, brand, and category comparisons. As a licensee of this data, you can rest assured that this data puts consumer privacy first. It's safe to use for your targeting, analytics, data science use cases, and more.

Click here to explore the Data Store today and begin to learn more about your audiences' preferences and shopping habits.

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